Learning Communities

A learning community (LC) weaves together the learning, skills, and assignments for a shared cohort of students of two or more classes into a unified mosaic of educational objectives by blending the instruction of two or more disciplines. The same cohort of students enrolls in all classes within the LC while the instructors of the paired courses work together, communicating a unified mission or theme of the LC.   

At BC, LC are paired courses. Paired courses consist of two or more classes linked with a common theme. Students must register for all courses of the LC group. They are individually scheduled.   

LCs are a powerful success strategy for students because LCs: 

  • Foster a sense of belonging 
  • Create strong bonds among students and faculty 
  • Increase student success and persistence 

LC Program Information

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Each LC course in an LC group must have a different faculty member.

We require the following for courses in the LC group:

  • Same campus (exception for online pairings with physical locations)
  • Same session
  • Same modality

You must be a full-time or part-time faculty at Broward College.

Typically, LC courses get preferred schedules. You may ask for what you want.

Currently, there are no restrictions. We would love to hear your ideas!

LC courses are not guaranteed because must have a specific number of students enrolled for the courses to make.

If classes do not make:

  • The courses may be unlinked by Associate Deans at a specific time.
  • Associate Deans may assign faculty to another course.

The LC program is operated under Student Achievement Initiatives Office. The office's goal is to inform faculty and staff of who our students are, identify student needs, and identify best practices to support students.

Each faculty member will receive a Zone 1 stipend, whereas staff or adjunct faculty will receive hourly pay.

The Learning Communities (LC) program serves to strengthen student learning and success. LCs are created by collaborating faculty to link coursework for a more meaningful learning experience. Students in LCs collaborate and typically find more opportunities for interaction with faculty, peers, and academic support staff.

Integrated assignments and projects in LCs promote critical thinking. Students have the benefit of interacting and bonding with other students and faculty members. LCs foster a variety of skills, including motivation, leadership, and real-world success and impact.

If a student decides to withdraw from one of the courses, the student must withdraw from all courses in the LC group.

LC Coordinators

Marjetta Geerling

Associate Professor Marjetta Geerling began working with Broward College Learning Communities in 2012. Since then she has served as LC faculty, LC Advisory Board member, LC faculty trainer for Seahawk Summer Academy, and LC Co-Coordinator. Marjetta holds an MFA in Writing from the Naslund-Mann School of Writing at Spalding University and a BA in Women's Culture and Creative Expression from the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands. For three years at the Johnston Center, she participated in an intentional living-learning community, an experience crucial to the development of her educational philosophy. At Broward College, Marjetta hopes to bring the many benefits of learning communities to our students in hopes that not only will LCs help students achieve their educational goals but will also provide the tools and motivation to become lifelong learners. 

Rosena Beniste

Associate Professor Rosena Beniste worked with Broward College Learning Communities since 2017, although she has been teaching communication courses since 2012. Rosena has served as LC faculty, LC Advisory Board member, LC faculty trainer for Seahawk Summer Academy, and LC Co-Coordinator. Rosena teaches introductory courses in public speaking, speech communication, and mass communication.  Raised in South Florida, she earned three degrees in Communication, a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and two master’s degrees from Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University. At Broward College, Rosena would like to aspire faculty members to take part in the Learning Communities program, so that students may thrive academically, personally, socially, and professionally as they prepare to navigate the world waiting outside of the classrooms.

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