Admissions: Enrolling and Funding Your Education

This section guides you through your Broward College enrollment and financial aid applications. Each application will be submitted to a different location:

  • Your application to enroll at Broward College goes to our Admissions team for review and approval. Follow these steps to apply.
  • Financial aid is granted by a federal office called Federal Student Aid, (within the Department of Education.) You’ll submit their form directly to them, (called a Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA® for short). See our tips to complete your FAFSA.

Which application do I send first?

It’s fine to start with either one: apply to BC first, then submit your FAFSA or vice versa. However, to actually receive approved aid, you must already be admitted to an eligible degree or certificate program.

Get Financial Aid

Applying for aid isn’t difficult, but the application will take some time. The rewards are worth it: these funds can change your life!

See Your Tuition Cost

Congrats: your nationally-ranked BC education costs much less than most students pay at other Florida universities.

Stuck along the way? We’re Here.

If you don’t understand something on the application or are missing documents, don’t give up.

Your Future Starts Here!

Admission Staff on campus are available to support applicants who require assistance with completing our college application. We also offer specialized programs to help you with the admissions process.

JumpStart for High School Seniors

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