Support Your Child

You have been there every step of the way as your child has conquered life's challenges, both in and out of school. Now it's time to ensure that your student is successful as they embark on the journey of a lifetime: college. Fortunately, by learning as much as you can about Broward College now, you and your child are already on your way to ensuring their success. Broward College can help develop the foundation that will pave the way to a satisfying career, and offers enriching activities and benefits for any and all students.

Broward College Student Handbook

We pride ourselves on being:

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

You have been encouraged to take an active role in your child’s education since they were young. We commend you for preparing them to take this next step in their educational careers, yet there comes a time when your involvement infringes on your child’s rights. Due to federal law, Broward College is prohibited from sharing any child’s grades or academic records with their parents if they have not been claimed as a dependent on your taxes. Read the  Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act  (FERPA) to learn more about these restrictions.

Low Cost Programs for Children and Teens

Looking for summer programs for children that are still in elementary, middle or high school? Need some tutoring assistance for your student? Broward College has several programs for children and teens in our community, serving students from ages 8 to 15.

  • Triathlon training: Teach a healthy, active lifestyle to your children early on.
  • After school tutoring: Sign up for affordable reading, writing and math tutoring.
  • Dual Enrollment: High school students can earn free college credits from sophomore to senior year.
  • Summer CampRegister for our summer academy for children and teens.​
  • SAT prep
  • FCAT prep
  • Photography
  • Math classes
  • Guitar lessons
  • Public speaking
  • Business and Leadership training
  • Spanish language classes
  • Fashion and style classes
  • Computer skills and web design

FAQs - Information for Parents

We suggest having a conversation with your student. Broward College is bound by privacy laws not to discuss grades or attendance with anyone but the student. Learn more about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

A full-time student is one who enrolls in 12 credit hours a semester; however, a standard college load consists of 15 credits. For more information on academic planning, your son or daughter should contact an advisor.

Many students must maintain jobs to continue their education. Full-time status requires at least 12 billable hours. Each credit taken usually requires two hours of work outside of class in order to achieve good grades. Therefore, a student taking 15 credits is already committed to 45 hours (15 hours in class and 30 hours outside of class) of academic work per week. Studies show that working more than 20 hours per week significantly impacts grades. On-campus work study is another option.

Broward College offers students many opportunities for participation in clubs and activities, in addition to service on committees and boards.  

Broward College does not have an intercollegiate athletics program; however, there are several co-ed intramural sports options, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, golf and rock climbing. For more information, visit the Student Life section.

Students can go to any Student Life office and request an ID card. All Broward College students are required to carry a BC ID Card. The ID card is used to gain access to many Broward College facilities and services, and can store cash for use in the BC Pay-for-Print system.

A Broward College Student ID card gives your student access to intramural sports, free workout facilities, student activity centers, the Learning Resource Center and more.

Broward College offers fully equipped Academic Success Centers on every major Campus as well as the Willis Holcombe Downtown and Pines Center. Libraries are available on site at most locations. Tutoring is available in a wide array of subjects ranging from Math to English to Reading to Science and beyond. Online tutoring services are available for currently enrolled Broward College students through Brainfuse.

Parking is included in tuition. Students may park freely in any non-faculty spot.

Broward College’s Career Centers provide career, occupational and transfer information for students, alumni and members of the community. Several computerized career/personality inventories are available, and individualized career counseling is provided. An extensive resource library enables students to find current information about job trends, minimum professional qualifications and related facts about specific careers. Staff can also encourage students to participate in Service Learning or assist students to find a full/part-time position. Students can also check with Broward College's primary online employment resource, Employ Florida. Employ Florida links all of Florida's employment services and is free for students and employers to use.

As an Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Institution, Broward College assures students with disabilities equal access to all college programs, activities and services. Disclosure of a disability is voluntary. However, if your student has a disability, we recommend that they register with Accessibility Resources in the event that they may need accommodations.

Some of the services available are:

  • Scribes
  • Readers
  • Note-taking
  • Specialized testing
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Use of assistive hardware and software
In addition, other specialized equipment is available to assist students with disabilities in pursuing their academic objectives.

Interested in registering your child or teen?