Ready to Work

Florida Ready to Work. It will give students a competitive edge by earning one or both career credentials – proof that you have the right skills and the right attitude to get the job you want. Your Florida Ready to Work Credential will make you stand out from other applicants and shows employers that you have the skills and initiative they are looking for. You can even improve your score and your value to employers with free online training tools that will build your job skills.

Credentials Available:

Both credentials and corresponding courseware are available to all Broward College students and Broward County residents. Contact a Broward College Career Center for more information. Click here for contact information.

How Do I Get Started and What is the Process?

  1. Sign up at a participating Broward College Career Center
  2. Complete the online placement tests to measure current skill levels
  3. Use the online, self-paced courseware to improve skills if needed
  4. Take the required proctored assessment for Soft Skills and/or Ready to Work at a Broward College Testing Center.
    • Referral form from the Career Center is required to test and make an appointment
  5. For Soft Skills:
    • Earn a passing score on the assessment
  6. For Ready to Work:
    • Earn passing scores on all 3 assessments
  7. Receive your Florida Ready to Work and Soft Skills credentials signed by Governor Ron DeSantis!