South Math Lab

Building 72 | Room 230
954-201-8909 |

The role of the Math Lab is to promote independent learning by assisting students in gaining confidence with their math skills. The Math Lab provides opportunities to reinforce course concepts and skills, to supplement classroom instruction, and to improve learning efficiency and effectiveness.

All Broward College students are eligible to attend the math lab at no additional cost. The lab is equipped with 23 computer stations for students. There are textbooks and solutions manuals available for checkout at the lab, as well as calculators and laptops available at the front desk.

The Math Lab has tutors available to help students with all math courses offered at Broward College. Walk-ins are welcome during lab hours, no appointment necessary. There is no daily or weekly limit, students may spend as much time in the lab as they need. The lab offers tutoring appointments for students, appointments are limited to up to one hour per day and up to two hours per week, per student.

In partnership with the Math Department, we constantly develop workshops for our students. Some are review workshops, scheduled in preparation for the final exams, others are workshops scheduled throughout the term that reinforces basic course concepts and skills.

Schedule an Appointment

Students can request an appointment to meet with a tutor.