The Seahawk Summer Academy is a summer bridge program designed for recent high school graduates or first-time college students. Interested students must complete the admission processes at Broward College in order to register for classes.

Join us this summer, earn 4 college credits, participate in fun activities and field trips, and form a learning community with peers as you start on your higher education journey at Broward College.

All Seahawk Summer Academy courses are held during Session 3 only in the Summer term. Classes start in June and end in July. Students are required to attend classes on-campus weekly, and some of the courses may also use Broward College's online platform, Desire2Learn or D2L. Scholarships are available to eligible students who meet all program registration requirements and deadlines.

Scholarship Spotlight

Earn your A.S. at Broward College then transfer to FIU for your B.S./B.A.

Helios Scholarship Details

Follow the steps below to register for your Summer Academy classes:

  1. Complete the Broward College admission application to become a Broward College Student with a valid BC Student ID
  2. Receive a letter or notification from Broward College that you are successfully admitted and are a current Broward College Student
  3. Connect with an advisor or a student success coach for the next steps
  4. You may receive a notification to attend a JumpStart session. If you do, a Broward College recruiter/staff will help you through the admissions process during and after your JumpSart session. Your coach or advisor will guide you through all the steps until you are able to register for classes.

Please note: the mandatory New Student Orientation (NSO) is different from the Seahawk Summer Academy orientation.

Students are encouraged to complete a Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA). Our school code is 001500.

Visit the college Financial Aid page for more information.

IMPORTANT: Students who successfully meet all the eligibility requirements for the Seahawk Summer Academy scholarships and remain enrolled in the Summer Academy classes the entire summer will be awarded on an ongoing basis until the first day of classes (Summer, Session 3).

For additional scholarship opportunities, visit Broward College's Scholarships page and complete the scholarship application.

Wait! Did you receive notification of being a Broward College Student yet?

You may not be able to register for the Seahawk Summer Academy classes if your admission process is incomplete or if you have a registration hold. Contact your academic advisor or success coach as soon as possible.

If you attended a Jumpstart recruiting event and were scheduled to attend a New Student Orientation. Please check your class schedule and make sure you attend your session. This is the best option you have to receive one-on-one assistance with this process.

Students must complete all admission requirements and be successfully admitted at Broward College (or be a current eligible Broward College student with a valid BC Student ID Number).

A registration hold may stop you from registering for your classes. Contact your Broward College Academic Advisor or Success Coach as soon as possible.


Congratulations Seahawk. By now, you should have received notification on becoming a Broward College Seahawk with a valid Broward College student ID.

To join the Seahawk Summer Academy, use your BC Student ID and login information to register into one of the cohorts listed on our website. View a list of Seahawk Summer Academy courses.

Please note: these classes are set up as paired co-requisites. Students must be registered and remain enrolled in their selected 2-class-cohort as listed on our website to meet the eligibility criteria for the summer academy scholarship.

View Step-By-Step Guide or Video Tutorial on How to Register for Classes (located at the bottom of the page)

Students are responsible to ensure that:

  1. All required admissions documents are submitted to Broward College in a timely manner at least 3 weeks before classes start
  2. Florida Residency documentation is processed and applied to student accounts by the first day of class - if applicable. (Required for the Seahawk summer academy scholarship eligibility)
  3. FAFSA application is fully processed and all red flags cleared before the first day of classes
  4. Meet with your Broward College academic advisor to ensure there are no holds on your student account that may prevent you from registering for your classes
  5. Follow up with your High School to ensure the college receives and processes your official high school transcripts by July 1
  6. All Summer Academy Courses are dropped by the college's 100% refund deadline to avoid withdrawal of the Summer Academy scholarship is awarded
  7. Attend both Summer Academy classes all Summer. If you withdraw or drop 1 of the 2 courses, you may lose your Summer Academy scholarship, and the responsibility to pay for the remaining course/credits will be yours


The Seahawk Summer Academy open-houses are designed specifically for the Academy students. These sessions are different from the New Student Orientations or NSOs.
At the Summer Academy Open-House, you can:

  • Meet with an academic advisor and get help with getting ready for classes
  • Verify scholarship eligibility and/or confirm your four-credit Seahawk summer academy scholarship eligibility and/or award
  • Reserve your spot for field trips
  • And more
Please, check your BC Student email after registering for classes for more information.

Field Trips

Open to all Seahawk Summer Academy Freshmen


  • Tigertail Ropes and Aqua Challenge X2
  • FAU tour experience

Trip Dates

  • July 13, 2023
  • July 20, 2023
  • July 27, 2023

Field Trip Sign-up Form

Deadline to register: June 19, 2023

Contact Us

Seahawk Summer Academy Program Staff

Patrick Sneed
Director, Student Success

The Seahawk Summer Academy is a program overseen by the Office of Student Achievement Initiatives