Student Achievements

The Broward College Math Team attended the Math Olympics at University of North Florida in Jacksonville April 19-21, 2019.  We are proud to announce that our students won first place in the team competition and must say a big 'thank you' to coaches Sandy Geraci and Angie Matthews.  Students on the first place team are Neehal Hussain, David Schnoor, Estephano Delgado, and Zariq George.  

In addition to first place in the Team competition we are also delighted to announce that Neehal Hussain won first place in the individual competition beating out the second place opponent by 7 points.

We are proud of these students and all of our students who traveled to Jacksonville.  Other students who attended the competition are Megan Eaton, Phillip Dumeny, Phuc Nhan, Jayden Johnson, Tyler Wong, Nicholas Cuesta, and Gabriel Rodriguez.

Faculty-Staff Achievements


Jody Harris, Math ProfessorProfessor Jody Harris, Mathematics professor at Central Campus since 2005.  Professor Harris is a BC graduate who was inspired to teach math by one of her BC instructors.  She went on to receive her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mathematics at FIU.  Harris was named Professor of the Year in 2005-6 and received an Endowed Teaching Chair in 2016.  She has mentored and tutored students in math for over 35 years, encouraging students to participate in their own success.

Dr. Abushieba Ibrahim, Math ProfessorDr. Abushieba Ibrahim was born in Khartoum- Sudan. Dr. Abushieba raised and grown in Sudan before he came to the United State of America in 2004. He joined Broward College (BC) in 2006 as a Mathematics Professor. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Math from Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) Khartoum Sudan, a Master of Science in Mathematics from Nile Valley University Khartoum Sudan, a Master of Business Administration from American Intercontinental University (AIU), and a Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics from Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) Khartoum Sudan. Dr. Ibrahim selected adjunct professor of the year 2009-2010 and 2014-2015.

Dr. Scott Demsky (Central Campus), who started his career teaching at a university, then went on to a 25-year career in software development at IBM, and then returned to higher education as a math professor at Broward College, received the Bank of America I Endowed Teaching Chair. A mentoring scholar and associate professor of mathematics, Dr. Demsky is also a member of Broward College's Critical Thinking Learning Society.

Congratulations Dr. Demsky.


Professor Serge Komovsky (Central Campus) has been teaching math as an adjunct faculty for Broward College since 2015.  He is currently taking graduate statistics classes at FAU and has received both a B.S. and an M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the National Aviation University in Kiev, Ukraine.  In addition, he holds a Pastoral Diploma from the Joshua Bible Institute in Kiev, Ukraine.


Once a BC student and now a BC instructor, Professor Marcus Sousa (North Campus) is very thankful for the opportunity to teach alongside his role model instructors, such as Dr. Fulwood. 

He earned a bachelor's degree in secondary math education at Broward College and became certified as a tutor by the College Reading & Learning Association.​