Math Curriculum

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Transfer from a MAC1105C section to a MAT0022 section

MAC1105C Advising


Course ID Pre-Requisite (min. grade)
MAT0022 N/A
MAC1105 MAT1033 (C) OR PERT score of 123 or higher
MAC1105C N/A
MGF1106 N/A
MGF1107 MAC1105 (C) OR MAC1105C (C) OR MAT1033 (C) OR MGF1106 (C) OR
MAC2233 MAC1105 (C) OR MAC1105C (C) OR HIGHER
MAC1140 MAC1105 (C) OR MAC1105C (C)
MAC1114 MAC1105 (C) OR MAC1105C (C)
MAC1147 MAC1105 (B) OR MAC1105C (B)
MAD2104 MAC1114 (C) OR MAC1140 (C) OR MAC1147 (C) OR MAC2233 (C) OR HIGHER
MAS2103 MAC1147 (C) OR
MAC1114 (C) AND MAC1140 (C)
MAC2311 MAC1147 (C) OR
MAC1114 (C) AND MAC1140 (C)
MAC2312 MAC2311 (C)
MAC2313 MAC2312 (C)
MAP2302 MAC2312 (C) OR MAC2313 (C)
STA2023 MGF1106 (C) OR MAC1105 (C) OR MAC1105C (C)
MAS3301 MAC2311 (C) AND MAD2104 (C)
MTG3212 MAD2104 (C)
MHF4404 MAC2311 (C) AND MAD2104 (C)