Florida Teacher Certification Examinations Preparatory Resources

What are the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE)?

The State of Florida requires that teachers pass the following exams to obtain a Professional Teaching Certificate:

To be accepted into any teacher education baccalaureate program, a student MUST pass the GKE.  For admission into the TEP Bachelor of Science in Education programs at BC, students are required to pass any one of the four sections. The GKE Info 2019 Update (PDF) includes important information about the exam.

Looking for assistance to master the FTCEs?

Broward College's Education Pathway offers several resources to help you prepare.

  • Online test preparation is available through D2L for students currently enrolled in courses. D2L modules are available for each of the four sections of the GKE, Professional education Test, and limited Subject Area Exams. To enroll in the free modules, please fill out the request form.
  • The Academic Success Centers (ASC) carry preparation books for all FTCEs and personalized tutoring is also available.
  • Current Broward College Education Pathway students can join a Free FTCE Workshop. Please see the Florida Teacher Certification Exams Workshop Schedule for dates and registration information.
  • Broward College Libraries offers books, articles, and information to assist in preparation and coursework completion.
  • Enroll in the course EDG1001 to assist with the General Knowledge Exam preparation.
  • Study.com: In order to gain access, please fill out the request form.

Non-BC students who are community members and current Broward County Public school teachers please contact the Continuing Education Department for information regarding courses and workshops at 954-201-7800.