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English for Academic Purposes

My goal is to develop my English skills for college or university-level coursework. Which program suits me best?

If you are seeking English for college or university, explore the EAP Program. For more details, please visit the EAP program website.

Book and Pencils

Project RENEW

I am legally a refugee, asylee, or permanent resident who adjusted from a prior status of refugee or asylee. Which program suits me best?

Project RENEW offers English programs for eligible refugees, asylees, and victims of human trafficking living in Broward County. For more details, please visit the Project RENEW website.

Your Dream is To Speak English

Adult Education ESOL Program

I do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent, but I am interested in obtaining it so I can transition to postsecondary education. Which program suits me best?

Adult Education ESOL Program is the perfect fit for individuals seeking to obtain a high school diploma or its equivalent and transition to postsecondary education. For more details, please visit the Broward UP website.

English Language

Intensive English Language Program

I would like to enhance my English skills for personal/professional enrichment or for learning English for the first time, without seeking college credit. Which program suits me best?

The Intensive English Language Program (Continuing Education) is perfect for enhancing personal or professional English skills. For more details, please visit the Intense English Language Program website.

Explore Our English Language Programs!

Our English Language Programs

English Language Programs

Explore our English language programs (English version)
Programas de Inglés

Programas de Inglés

Explore nuestros programas de inglés (Versión en español)


Pwogram Lang Angle

Pwogram Lang Angle

Eksplòre pwogram lang angle nou yo (Vèsyon Kreyòl)


Programas de Lingua Inglesa

Programas de Lingua Inglesa

Explore nossos programas de língua inglesa (Versão em português)