The Broward College Air Traffic Control program offers students the opportunity to learn Air Traffic Basics in a college setting and the ability to put this learning into practice at our state-of-the-art Tower and Radar simulators from experienced retired FAA air traffic controllers. The pass rate at the FAA Academy and attaining CPC status for graduates of Broward's ATC program is exceptionally high, so despite the changes occurring in the FAA two critical things remain constant; the FAA will continue to need air traffic controllers to replace those eligible or nearing eligibility for retirement and the FAA Academy is still a Pass/Fail step for anyone wishing to become an air traffic controller.

What does an Air Traffic Controller actually do?

An air traffic controller works in either an air traffic control tower or a radar facility.  Air traffic controllers direct many aircraft at once to keep them at a safe distance from all other aircraft.  From the time an airplane departs the gate until it arrives at the destination gate, air traffic controllers issue instructions to keep it going to its destination and clear of all other aircraft and obstacles.

Do I have to get a degree to be an air traffic controller?

​According to the FAA's aviation careers page, applicants must have three years of progressively responsible work experience, a Bachelor's degree, or a combination of post-secondary education and work experience that totals three years.

What is the pay range for air traffic controllers?

​This is a complex answer due to the pay structure.  The starting pay is approx. $37,000 and rises fairly quickly to $55,000.  From there the time it takes depends on how quickly you can learn the job.  Your pay increases as you become qualified in more areas of control.  The median income is $108,000 but you can make as high as $174,000 base pay, higher while working holidays, Sundays, and nights.

How easy is it to get hired by the FAA after attaining my degree?

​The FAA says it takes approximately 2 years from the time of your degree until you get hired.  For some, it is less, while others take slightly more time.

Are they any age restrictions on getting hired as an air traffic controller?

​Yes, you must be hired before your 31st birthday. So we recommend that you begin our program by the time you are 27.  If you choose to start later, it is still possible to get hired but you are taking a chance that you run out of time before you turn 31.

When are courses offered?

Courses are offered on the following schedule:
ATT2820 - Introduction to Air Traffic Control - Fall
ATT2822C - VFR Tower Operations - Spring
ATT2821C - ATC Radar Procedures - Fall
ATT2824C - ATC Enroute Operations - Spring

A new cohort begins each Fall term. Students who wish to enter the college prior to the Fall term may do so and take general education or other aviation courses.  Please see your advisor to develop an educational plan.