Graduates from Broward College's aviation programs may earn a restricted privileges Airline Transport Pilot (R-ATP) certificate with 1,000 or 1,250 hours of flight experience. A certifying statement from Broward College is required in order to obtain the R-ATP.

In order to receive the certifying statement, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Graduated from one of the following programs:
    • AS Professional Pilot Technology (Program ID 2107)
    • AS Aviation Administration, Commercial Pilot Specialization (Program ID 2509)
    • BS Aerospace Sciences (Program ID S800); and
  2. Completed both your Instrument ground training and Commercial ground training under Part 141 at Broward College and both your Instrument flight training and Commercial flight training under Part 141 at Broward College from one of the following providers while under contract with Broward College to provide flight training:
    • Phoenix East Aviation (FAA Certificate No. IHMS995E)
    • Heart of Virginia Aviation, Inc. (FAA Certificate No. 6HFS144L)
    • National Aviation Academy (FAA Certificate No. DV9S100L)
    • Comair Aviation Academy d/b/a Delta Connection Academy d/b/a Aerosim Flight Academy (FAA Certificate No. CE8S057Q); and
  3. Completed, at Broward College, 30-59 credits (for a 1,250-hour R-ATP) or 60+ credits (for a 1,000-hour R-ATP) from the following list:

    R-ATP Hours
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    ASC1100 Navigational Science I 3
    ASC1210 Aviation Weather 3
    ASC1550 Aerodynamics 3
    ASC1610 Aircraft Engines, Structures, and Systems 3
    ASC2110 Navigational Science II 3
    ASC2320 Aviation Law and Regulations 3
    ASC2472 Human Factors in Flight and Air Traffic Control 3
    ASC2870 Aviation Safety 3
    ASC3215 Advanced Aviation Weather 3
    ASC3321 Aviation Law II 3
    ASC3478 Advanced Aviation Human Factors I 3
    ASC4671 Transport Category Aircraft Operations I 5
    ASC4200 Advanced Flight Planning 3
    ASC4476 Advanced Aviation Human Factors II 3
    ASC4551 Advanced/High Altitude Aerodynamics 3
    ATF1100 Primary Flight 3
    ATF2200 Commercial Flight I 3
    ATF2210 Commercial Flight II 3
    ATF2300 Commercial Flight III 3
    ATF2400 Multi-Engine Transition 1
    ATF2500 Flight Instructor Training 2
    ATF2600 Flight Simulator Training 1
    ATF2630 Basic Instrument Simulator 1
    ATT1100 Aeronautical Science 3
    ATT1810 Environment of the Air Traffic Control System 3
    ATT2110 Commercial Flight Theory 3
    ATT2120 Instrument Flight Theory 3
    ATT2820 Introduction to Air Traffic Control 3
    AVM1440 Airport and Airline Security 3
    AVM3443 Aviation Safety and Security II 3

If you believe that you meet the minimum requirements, please prepare clear, color copies of the following (.jpg preferred):

  1. Both sides of your current certificate
  2. 141 endorsements for Instrument training and Commercial training

Send these documents, via email, along with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Broward College Student ID Number

Please provide all of the above information via email to,,, and