Institutional Effectiveness

Our “Why” is to engage faculty, staff, and administrators in learning about our institutional performance, as well as student performance in meeting program learning outcomes through a culture of assessment so that we can identify strategies for continuous improvement to best serve our College’s mission.

Institutional Effectiveness supports:

  • Accreditation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Student Learning and Achievement

Outcomes Assessment Data

All academic programs and departments at the College collect data about operational performance and student learning annually. 

The IE Dashboard below summarizes the assessment data collected. Review the Overview (Page 1) for detailed information about the dashboard. Refer to our 2019-20 Institutional Effectiveness Summary Report to learn more about how we use assessment data to guide continuous improvement. The report data is now reflected in the dashboard effective 2020-21. 

IE Advisory Committee (IEC)

The IEC is comprised of a cross-section of faculty, staff, administrators, and a student representative representing various Pathways and Departments. The IEC serves as an advisory body to drive best practices for all stakeholders involved in assessment. Please contact Dr. Kandeice Gibson for more information.

  • Karen Parker, Associate Vice President, Curriculum Services
  • Marc Webb, Senior Director, Testing & Assessment
  • Michelle Levine, Associate Vice President, Center for Teaching Excellence & Learning
  • Dr. Monique Blake, Dean, Libraries and Academic Success Centers
  • Priscilla Suarez, Dean, Online Campus/E-Learning

  • Anthea Pennant, Senior Director, Supplier Diversity, Business Services
  • Marcia Perez-Del Valle, Director, Web Support Services, Information Technology
  • Rene Kamisetty, Manager, Development Information Systems, Office For Advancement
  • Wanda Sims, Coordinator, Printing and Graphic Arts, Marketing

  • Dr. David Perdian, Associate Professor, Physical Science
  • Joshua Kimber, Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religion; Chair, General Education Taskforce 2020
  • Dr. Julie Mura, Assistant Professor, Geography; Team Lead, Collegewide Assessment Team for Student Success (CATS)

  • Alana Dasant, Assistant Professor/Program Manager, Paralegal Studies
  • Fernando Ulibarri, Assistant Professor/Program Manager, Music Technology
  • Dr. Joyce Walsh-Portillo, Associate Professor/Program Manager, Business Administration; Faculty Senator
  • Dr. Juan Ospina, Associate Dean, Education Pathway
  • Dr. Leuda Forrester, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Science & Wellness Education
  • Dr. Nora Powell, Dean, Health Science Pathway
  • Wayne Boulier, Dean, Public Safety Pathway

Bahri Riadh Ben Yussef

  • Adam Derosa, Associate Dean, Student Services
  • Ana Cowo, Senior Director, Student Success

  • Dr. Candice Maharaj, Project Director, MicroHE Grant, Workforce Education & Innovation
  • Dr. Kandeice Gibson, Senior Director, Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
  • Louise Winter, Coordinator, Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
  • Renato Cortez, Associate Dean, Career and Technical Education Advising