Welcome to the website of the Math Department at Broward College. The site includes a wealth of information related to the work of our faculty and to department events.

Our focus is on student success and retention and on strengthening our Math offerings. We offer a diverse curriculum that challenges our students, prepares them for the workforce or additional educational pathways, and offers them opportunities for research, global awareness, service, and leadership.

Our faculty, both full-time and adjunct, are experts in their field and active in the discipline. They are involved in the scholarship of teaching and learning, on obtaining external funding in support of innovating teaching and research projects, and in providing a rigorous curriculum that addresses contemporary issues and prepares students for citizenship in our democracy.

Our goal is to engage everyone at Broward College with our students and the community at large, and to ensure an atmosphere that encourages an interactive flow of ideas and knowledge. The mission of our office is to support the work of our faculty and staff so that we may collectively offer the best educational experience for our students.

Please take a moment to browse our site and get a sense of the excitement for learning and discovery that exists in the Math Department. We encourage you to visit our campuses and engage any of our faculty and staff. We are dedicated to serving our students and community. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact the Mathematics Dean, Jeffrey Guild, at jguild@broward.edu

For campus-based concerns, please contact the appropriate Associate Dean at each listed campus:

Central Campus:  Sui Fan Joo - sjoo@broward.edu
North Campus:  Alan Lebovitz - alebovit@broward.edu
South Campus:  Dr. Claus Schubert - cschuber@broward.edu
Online Campus:  Dr. Kyla Williams - kwillia3@broward.edu

Thank you.

Goals and Objectives

Students will

  • Learn to reason mathematically and become mathematical problem solvers.
  • Learn to communicate mathematically.
  • Learn to value and appreciate mathematics and its usefulness and power.
  • Become confident in their own mathematical skills and knowledge.
  • Be aware of career opportunities in mathematics.

BC Math Challenge

Eligibility: You must be a Broward College student, currently enrolled in at least one class.
Prizes: For each Math Challenge Contest, each campus will select one winner from the acceptable correct solutions. Acceptable correct solutions must have the correct answer and show appropriate work or reasoning to be eligible to win a prize. For each acceptable correct solution, the student will receive one entry into the Grand Prize drawing for a TI-84CE graphing calculator! One calculator will be awarded per campus.
Additional Rules: Each student may submit only one solution per contest. You may not submit a solution to more than one campus. Please submit a PDF of your solution to one of the email addresses below or turn your paper in to the math department on your campus.

For Central Campus Submission: Bldg. 7, 2nd Floor Contact: Prof. Geraci, sgeraci@broward.edu
For North Campus Submission: Bldg. 57, Room 101 Contact: Prof. Brooks, jbrooks@broward.edu
For South Campus Submission: Bldg. 69, 2nd Floor Contact: Prof. Muniz-Alvarez, lmunizal@broward.edu
For Online Campus Submission: Bldg. 57, Room 101 Contact: Prof. Brooks, jbrooks@broward.edu

Deadline: Friday, April 12, 2024 by 5:00 pm (Late submissions will not be accepted)

You may work on the back of the printed.pdf or attach additional pages if more space is needed.

See flier for challenge questions and other details.

Remember: Your solution must show appropriate work or reasoning.

Mathematical Minds Wanted

The Broward College Math Team attended the Math Olympics at University of North Florida in Jacksonville April 14-16, 2023.  We are proud to announce that our students won first place in the team competition. See the details here.

If you have the strength to compete, the BC Math Team wants YOU!   Must be currently registered in or have had Calculus II (MAC2312).


Sanford Geraci   - sgeraci@broward.edu

Sondra Braeseker - sbraesek@broward.edu

 Picture of the 2023 Math Team and their coaches

Frequently Asked Questions

​Visit the Academic Success Centers site for information on the Math Tutoring Lab on each campus.  You can make an appointment on the campus that is most convenient to you. 


​High school mathematics courses do not meet the prerequisite for any college-level mathematics courses. Refer to the Testing Center website for the latest Math Placement Testing Table.

MAC1105C, Corequisite College Algebra, is

  • A 5-credit class that consists of topics from MAC1105 (College Algebra) and corequisite topics from Beginning Algebra and Intermediate Algebra.  Intermediate Algebra is no longer offered at Broward College.
  • A course offered in both Online and face-to-face modalities.  The face-to-face modality includes guided lecture notes and learning activities.  Most instructors will require students to purchase a course packet from the bookstore containing the lectures and activities.
  • A course that includes non-cognitive soft skills such as growth mindset, time management, how to study, and how to learn.
  • A course that has no pre-requisites.

  • Students should take MAC1105C if MAC1105 appears on the program sheets for their intended majors but they have not placed into MAC1105.  See placement methods here.
  • Students should not take MAC1105C (or MAC1105) if MAC1105 does not appear on the program sheets for their intended majors.  Instead, those students should take MGF1106, which is also the prerequisite for STA2023. Students may still take MAC1105C if they have a distinct interest in learning algebra or if they will need algebra for a future intended program of study.
  • If students must take MAC1105C but feel they are not ready for that course, they should take MAT0022. All sections of MAT0022 are offered in Session 3, which provides adequate time to assess and re-place struggling MAC1105C students, if necessary.