Facilities Management

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support and stimulate the educational goals of the College by constructing and maintaining safe, sustainable, and inspirational environments while balancing our financial resources, leveraging the talent of local engineering, design, and construction professionals, and maintaining relationships with the communities that support us.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Facilities Management Department of Broward College is responsible for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of all Broward College facilities. The department is comprised of three teams:

Planning and Capital Budgets - Responsible for all facility planning functions from maintaining the College's electronic facilities inventory to long-term facilities master planning. This team is also responsible for managing the budgets and funds used for capital projects.

Design and Construction - This team is responsible for working with design professionals to produce construction documents for capital projects and assumes responsibility for the project thru closeout.

Facilities Maintenance - District staff is responsible for maintaining existing facilities, including HVAC services, electrical services, locksmith, custodial, fleet services, repairs, and renovations.

Environmental Safety and Fire - Develops, establishes, and administers the College's policies and procedures for campus environmental management, occupational safety, and fire code. It also provides technical support, training, consulting, and periodic auditing of campus environmental health and safety practices.

Facilities Planning

Educational Plant Survey Summary (PDF)
Facilities Master Plan Executive Summary (PDF)

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Design and Construction Standards

Design and Construction Standards (PDF)

Land Surveys v. 2014 (PDF)
Audiovisual Standards 2018 Rev.4.2018-04-23 (PDF)
Land Surveys v.2014 - Addendum January 2020 (PDF)
Signage Standards Rev.1.2020-10-13 (PDF)
Purchasing Bid Limits Rev.2020-11-18 (PDF)
Requirements For As-Builts Rev.2021-03 (PDF)
Appendix (PDF)

Partner and Vendor Training

Facilities 101 Presentation (PDF)

Permit Applications

BC Project Mgr. Start-Up Form SCAD 001 Rev.2021-01-05 (PDF)
BCAD 100-BMEP Permit App Rev.2021-01-05 (PDF)
BCAD 101-Demo Permit App Rev.2021-01-05 (PDF)
BCAD 102-FA Permit App Rev.2021-01-05 (PDF)
BCAD 103-FS Permit App Rev.2021-05-05 (PDF)
BCAD 104-Roof Permit App Rev.2021-03-15 (PDF)
BCAD 105-Site Permit App Rev.2021-01-05 (PDF)
Inspection Codes Rev.2021-01-05 (PDF)