Policies and Procedures

Welcome to the Broward College Policy and Procedure Manual. The Policy Manual is separated into sections as indicated in the navigation. You can go directly to the index for each section by clicking on the appropriate section. By clicking on the Policy number, you will get the actual text of the Policy. If there is a Procedure for the Policy, it follows the Policy.

The Office of General Counsel maintains these manuals.

Section 1: Board of the Trustees
Title Policy Procedure
District Board of Trustees (Political Subdivision and Corporate Body) 6Hx2-1.01
District Board of Trustees (Powers and Duties) 6Hx2-1.02
Corporate Body 6Hx2-1.03 Repealed 8/14/12
Trustees: Appointment, Terms of Office Compensation 6Hx2-1.04 Repealed 8/14/12
Board of Trustees: Organization, Officers, and Duties of Officers 6Hx2-1.05
​Duties and Powers of Trustees 6Hx2-1.06 Repealed 8/14/12
Employment of the President 6Hx2-1.07 A6Hx2-1.07
Secretary to the Board 6Hx2-1.08
Meetings of the Board 6Hx2-1.09
Preparation and Delivery of the Agenda 6Hx2-1.10 A6Hx2-1.10
Development of Rules, Policies, and Procedures 6Hx2-1.11 A6Hx2-1.11
Membership in Professional Organizations and Associations 6Hx2-1.12 A6Hx2-1.12
Legal Counsel and Services 6Hx2-1.13 Repealed 12/3/14
Contracts and Authority​ 6Hx2-1.14 A6Hx2-1.14
Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees of Agencies 6Hx2-1.15 A6Hx2-1.15
Voting Requirements 6Hx2-1.16 A6Hx2-1.16
Financial Disclosure 6Hx2-1.17
Direct Support Organizations 6Hx2-1.18
College Affiliate Organizations and Use of the College Name 6Hx2-1.19
Payment of Costs of Civil Actions 6Hx2-1.20
Collective Bargaining and Labor Organizations 6Hx2-1.21
Consent Agenda 6Hx2-1.22
Appearances Before the Board of Trustees 6Hx2-1.23 A6Hx2-1.23
Board Of Trustees Self-Evaluation 6Hx2-1.24

Section 2: Administration
Title Policy Procedure
General Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities of the President 6Hx2-2.01
Trespass 6Hx2-2.02
- Regional Accreditation Liaison Officer
6Hx2-2.03 A6Hx2-2.03
Publications Adopted by the Board of Trustees 6Hx2-2.04
Mission, Beliefs, and Purpose of the College 6Hx2-2.05
One-College Concept 6Hx2-2.06
The Faculty Senate 6Hx2-2.07 A6Hx2-2.07
College Standing Committees 6Hx2-2.08 A6Hx2-2.08
Reproduction, Duplication, Maintenance, and Destruction of College Records
  • Public Records
  • Custodian
  • Inspection, Examination, and Duplication of Records
  • Destruction of Records
6Hx2-2.09 A6Hx2-2.09
Authority to Act in Absence of President 6Hx2-2.10
Ralph R. Bailey Concert Hall 6Hx2-2.11
College Calendar 6Hx2-2.12
Staff and Program Development Plan 6Hx2-2.13 A6Hx2-2.13
Charity Days for the Benefit of the College 6Hx2-2.14
Equal Opportunity 6Hx2-2.15
Planning and Accountability
  • Florida Statutes, Chapter 240.324
  • The Criteria for Accreditation
6Hx2-2.16 A6Hx2-2.16
Crisis Communications Policy 6Hx2-2.17 A6Hx2-2.17
Court Orders 6Hx2-2.18
Receiving Legal Process 6Hx2-2.19 A6Hx2-2.19
Clery Act Timely Warning Policy 6Hx2-2.20
Campus Free Expression 6Hx2-2.21 Maps:
Central Campus
North Campus
South Campus

Section 3: Personnel
Title Policy Procedure
Appointment of Personnel 6Hx2-3.01
Recruitment, Selection, and Assign of Personnel 6Hx2-3.02 A6Hx2-3.02
Criteria for Assignment of Rank for Instructional Personnel 6Hx2-3.03
Normal Work Hours 6Hx2-3.04 A6Hx2-3.04
Drug Free Workplace 6Hx2-3.05 A6Hx2-3.05
Loyalty Oath, Security Background Check, and Fingerprinting of Employees 6Hx2-3.06 A6Hx2-3.06
Adjunct and Substitute Faculty 6Hx2-3.07 A6Hx2-3.07
Sick Leave Pool 6Hx2-3.08
Personnel Contracts 6Hx2-3.09
Professional Leave for Graduate Study 6Hx2-3.10 Repealed 4/27/10
Employee Time Off 6Hx2-3.11 A6Hx2-3.11
Educational Benefits for Employees 6Hx2-3.12 Renumbered 6Hx2-4.26 12/11/12
Exit Interview 6Hx2-3.13 A6Hx2-3.13
Temporary Duty Assignment 6Hx2-3.14
Sabbatical Leave 6Hx2-3.15 Renumbered 6Hx2-4.27 12/11/12
Terminal Pay 6Hx2-3.16
Group Insurance 6Hx2-3.17 A6Hx2-3.17
HIV/AIDS Policy 6Hx2-3.18 Repealed 4/27/10
Payroll Deductions 6Hx2-3.19 Repealed 2/26/13
Employee Records 6Hx2-3.20
Employee Performance and Talent Management 6Hx2-3.21 A6Hx2-3.21
Employment of Relatives 6Hx2-3.22
Unemployment Compensation 6Hx2-2.23 Repealed 4/27/10
Position Classification Plan 6Hx2-3.24 A6Hx2-3.24
Resignation and Termination of Non-Instruction Personnel 6Hx2-3.25
Workers' Compensation 6Hx2-3.26 A6Hx2-3.26
Annual adoption of Salary Schedule 6Hx2-3.27 A6Hx2-3.27
Complaints by Administrative and Non-Represented Technical Staff 6Hx2-3.28 A6Hx2-3.28
College Innovations 6Hx2-3.29
Reduction In Force 6Hx2-3.30 A6Hx2-3.30
Sexual and Other Workplace Harassment 6Hx2-3.31 A6Hx2-3.31
Sexual Battery/Assault 6Hx2-3.32 Repealed 11/22/06
Professional Development 6Hx2-3.33 Renumbered 6Hx2-4.28 12/11/12
Unlawful Discrimination and Retaliation 6Hx2-3.34 A6Hx2-3.34
Emergency Compensation for Employees 6Hx2-3.35
ADA Accommodation in Employment 6Hx2-3.36 A6Hx2-3.36
Designation of Essential Personnel 6Hx2-3.37
Conflict of Interest - Financial Services 6Hx2-3.38
Military Leave 6Hx2-3.39
Workplace Violence 6Hx2-3.40
Retired and Emeritus Standing 6Hx2-3.41
Professional Technical Staff Recognition Programs 6Hx2-3.42 A6Hx2-3.42
Voluntary Furlough 6Hx2-3.43 A6Hx2-3.43
Diversity and Inclusive Excellence 6Hx2-3.44
Total Rewards Program Policy for Professional Technical Staff and Administrators 6Hx2-3.45 A6Hx2-3.45
Total Rewards Program Pay Adjustments for Professional Technical Staff and Administrators 6Hx2-3.46 A6Hx2-3.46
Recruitment, Selection, and Assignment of Faculty in the Baccalaureate Program 6Hx2-3.47
Use of College Assets for Political Activity by College Employees 6Hx2-3.48
Supplemental Work for Administrators and Staff 6Hx2-3.49
Appointment and Contract Type of Faculty 6Hx2-3.50
Dismissal or Return to Annual Contract 6Hx2-3.51
Award of Continuing Contract 6Hx2-3.52
Protection of Vulnerable Persons - Reporting Known or Suspected Child Abuse 6Hx2-3.53
Telecommuting 6Hx2-3.54 A6Hx2-3.54
Criminal Justice Information Handling and Storage 6Hx2-3.55 A6Hx2-3.55A
Amorous Relationships 6Hx2-3.56
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 6Hx2-3.57 A6Hx2-3.57
Educational Benefits for Employees 6Hx2-3.58 A6Hx2-3.58

Section 4: Academic Affairs
Title Policy Procedure
Substitution or Waiver of Specific Courses 6Hx2-4.01 A6Hx2-4.01
Academic Load 6Hx2-4.02 A6Hx2-4.02
Applicable Catalog/Recency of Credit 6Hx2-4.03 Renumbered 6Hx2-5.30 8/17/10
CLAST Waivers 6Hx2-4.04 Repealed 8/9/11
Cancellation of Previous Unsatisfactory College Record for A.S. Degree and Certificate Students 6Hx2-4.05 Repealed 2/26/13
Graduation Dates 6Hx2-4.06 Renumbered 6Hx2-5.31 8/17/10
Completion of Graduation Requirements After Transfer 6Hx2-4.07 Repealed 2/26/13
Academic Freedom 6Hx2-4.08
Substitution Admission and Graduation Requirements for Students with Disabilities
  • Eligibility for Substitutions
  • Restrictions
  • Articulation with Other State Institutions
  • Compliance with Accreditation Standards
  • Committee and Procedures
6Hx2-4.09 A6Hx2-4.09
Closing Educational Programs on Campus, at Off-Campus Centers and at Off-Campus Sites 6Hx2-4.10 A6Hx2-4.10
Program Acceleration
  • Advanced Placement
  • Dual Enrollment/Early Admission
  • Credit by Nationally Standardized Examination
  • Experiential Learning Assessment
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program
  • Military Training and/or Experience
6Hx2-4.11 A6Hx2-4.11
Instructional Program Evaluation 6Hx2-4.12 A6Hx2-4.12
Economic Development 6Hx2-4.13 Repealed 2/26/13
Faculty Appointment and Tenure 6Hx2-4.14 Repealed 2/26/13
Faculty Grievances Other Than Contractual Matter 6Hx2-4.15
International and Intercultural Education 6Hx2-4.16
Advisory Committees for Technical Programs 6Hx2-4.17 A6Hx2-4.17
Class Attendance
  • Faculty Responsibilities
  • Non-Penalized Absences
  • Student Responsibilities Relative to Non-Penalized Absences
  • Extenuating Circumstances
  • Excessive Absences
  • Classes with Special Instructional Requirements
  • Appeals
Grades and Grade Appeal Process
  • Total Attempts - College-Level Courses
  • Total Attempts - College Preparatory Courses
  • Faculty Grading Policy
  • Final Grades and Records
  • Non-Punitive Grades
  • Forgiveness
  • Withdrawal under Exceptional Circumstances
  • Grade Appeal Process
  • Grounds for Using the Grade Appeal Process
  • Preliminary Action
    • Step 1: Submission of Documents
    • Step 2: Mediation by Department Head
    • Step 3: A Hearing before the Campus/Center Grade Appeals Committee
6Hx2-4.19 A6Hx2-4.19
Religious Observances 6Hx2-4.20
Deletion of Courses from College Curriculum 6Hx2-4.21
Awards and Graduation Requirements 6Hx2-4.22 A6Hx2-4.22
Standards of Academic Progress 6Hx2-4.23 A6Hx2-4.23
Substantive Changes 6Hx2-4.24 A6Hx2-4.24
End of Term Grades Submission and Processing 6Hx2-4.25
Educational Benefits for Employees 6Hx2-4.26
Renumbered 6Hx2-3.58 10/22/19
Sabbatical Leave 6Hx2-4.27 A6Hx2-4.27
Professional Development 6Hx2-4.28 A6Hx2-4.28
Institutional Review Board 6Hx2-4.29 A6Hx2-4.29
Course Outlines 6Hx2-4.30 A6Hx2-4.30
Professional Licensure Disclosures 6Hx2-4.31 A6Hx2-4.31
Writing Credit 6Hx2-4.32 A6Hx2-4.32

Section 5: Student Affairs
Title Policy Procedure
Admissions 6Hx2-5.01 A6Hx2-5.01
Student Code of Conduct 6Hx2-5.02 A6Hx2-5.02
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 6Hx2-5.03 A6Hx2-5.03A
Student Media 6Hx2-5.04 A6Hx2-5.04
Student Health Services 6Hx2-5.05 Repealed 8/26/08
Intercollegiate Athletics 6Hx2-5.06 A6Hx2-5.06
Student Health and Accident Insurance 6Hx2-5.07
Off-Campus Housing 6Hx2-5.08 Repealed 8/26/08
Accessibility Resources and Academic Accommodations for Students 6Hx2-5.09 A6Hx2-5.09A
Veterans and Active Duty Benefits and Services 6Hx2-5.10 A6Hx2-5.10A
Student Financial Aid 6Hx2-5.11 A6Hx2-5.11
Advisement and Career Services 6Hx2-5.12 A6Hx2-5.12
Student Life 6Hx2-5.13 A6Hx2-5.13A
Placement Testing and Skills Remediation 6Hx2-5.14 A6Hx2-5.14
Florida Residency Requirements for Tuition Purposes 6Hx2-5.15
HIV/AIDS 6Hx2-5.16
Distribution of Literature, Solicitation 6Hx2-5.17 Repealed
Substance Abuse 6Hx2-5.18 A6Hx2-5.18
Dismissal of Disruptive Students 6Hx2-5.19 Repealed 10/25/11
Sexual and Other Harassment Policy for Students 6Hx2-5.20 Repealed 5/24/11
Fundraising by Student Groups and Organizations 6Hx2-5.21
Discrimination and Retaliation Policy for Students 6Hx2-5.22 Repealed 5/24/11
Complaint Process for Students for Non-Instructional Issues 6Hx2-5.23 A6Hx2-5.23
Identification Card 6Hx2-5.24 A6Hx2-5.24
Student Bill of Rights 6Hx2-5.25 Repealed 8/26/08
Student Ombudsperson 6Hx2-5.26
Information/Notification to BC on Students Convicted of Felony Crimes, Past Discipline Problems at Other Educational Institutions, or Sexual Predator Status 6Hx2-5.27 A6Hx2-5.27
Academic Standards Committee 6Hx2-5.28 A6Hx2-5.28
Sustainability in Student Services 6Hx2-5.29
Determination of Applicable Catalog & Recency of Credit for Graduation Purposes 6Hx2-5.30 A6Hx2-5.30
Student Eligibility for Participating in a Graduation Ceremony 6Hx2-5.31
Student Assistance Program 6Hx2-5.32
Re-entry Into a Health Sciences Program 6Hx2-5.33 Repealed 7/9/13
Transfer of Credits from Postsecondary Institutions 6Hx2-5.34 A6Hx2-5.34
Student Records, Retention, and Public Records 6Hx2-5.35 A6Hx2-5.35
Course Withdrawals 6Hx2-5.36 A6Hx2-5.36
Award of an Honorary Degree 6Hx2-5.37
Weapons on College Property and at College Events 6Hx2-5.38
Sexual Harassment/Misconduct 6Hx2.5.39 A6Hx2-5.39

Section 6: Business Affairs
Title Policy Procedure
Budget Preparation, Approval, Amendment, and Execution 6Hx2-6.01
Budget Execution 6Hx2-6.02 Repealed 8/26/08
Financial Records and Reports 6Hx2-6.03
Receipt and Deposit of Funds 6Hx2-6.04 A6Hx2-6.04
Transfer of Funds 6Hx2-6.05
Current Loans 6Hx2-6.06
Auxiliary Enterprises 6Hx2-6.07
Expenditures of Auxiliary Funds 6Hx2-6.08
Bank Depositories 6Hx2-6.09
Approval of Vouchers 6Hx2-6.10
Petty Cash 6Hx2-6.11 Repealed 1/26/05
Investment of Surplus Funds 6Hx2-6.12 A6Hx2-6.12
Student Fees and Fee Payment 6Hx2-6.13
Laboratory Fees 6Hx2-6.14 A6Hx2-6.14
Use of College Buildings, Facilities, and Services by Outside Agencies 6Hx2-6.15 Renumbered 6Hx2-7.22 6/30/20
Collection of Funds Owed to the College 6Hx2-6.16 A6Hx2-6.16
Bonds for Board Members and Employees 6Hx2-6.17
Grants or Contracts for Program Support 6Hx2-6.18
Sale of Tickets 6Hx2-6.19
Foundation Scholarship Funds 6Hx2-6.20
Travel and Traveling Expenses 6Hx2-6.21 A6Hx2-6.21
Budget Amendments 6Hx2-6.22
Sale of Credit Gift Certificates 6Hx2-6.23 Repealed 1/26/05
Fundraising and Donation of Equipment and Supplies 6Hx2-6.24
Agency Fund Account 6Hx2-6.25
College Liability Insurance 6Hx2-6.26
Accounting for and Disbursing Student Financial Aid Funds 6Hx2-6.27
Acceptance of Credit Card Payment 6Hx2-6.28
Issuance of Checks and Statements of Account 6Hx2-6.29
Transfer of Private Contributions to the Broward College Foundation, Inc. 6Hx2-6.30
Financial Conflicts of Interest in Federally Sponsored Grant Projects 6Hx2-6.31
Alcohol on Campus 6Hx2-6.32
Exceptions Process for Fee Implementation of HB 1545 6Hx2-6.33
Procurement Requirements 6Hx2-6.34 A6Hx2-6.34
Vendor Responsibilities and Rights 6Hx2-6.35
Supplier Diversity Small Business Program 6Hx2-6.36 A6Hx2-6.36
Sustainability in Procurement 6Hx2-6.37
Naming of Buildings, Facilities, and Programs 6Hx2-6.38 A6Hx2-6.38
Acquisition of Construction or Building Trades Services for College Facilities 6Hx2-6.39 A6Hx2-6.39
Acquisition of Architecture and Engineering Professional Services 6Hx2-6.40
Procurement Solicitation Committees & Government in the Sunshine 6Hx2-6.41
Identity Theft Prevention Program 6Hx2-6.42
Electronic Transfer of Funds 6Hx2-6.43
Charitable Gift Acceptance 6Hx2-6.44
Refund of Tuition and Fees 6Hx2-6.45 A6Hx2-6.45
Return of Title IV Funds 6Hx2-6.46 A6Hx2-6.46
Satisfactory Academic Progress 6Hx2-6.47

Section 7: Facilities
Title Policy Procedure
Emergency Policy 6Hx2-7.01 A6Hx2-7.01
Procurement Requirements 6Hx2-7.02 Renumbered 6Hx2-6.34 7/28/04
Physical Plant, Sites, and Facilities 6Hx2-7.03
Property Control 6Hx2-7.04
Use of College Property 6Hx2-7.05
College Telecommunication Services 6Hx2-7.06 Renumbered 6Hx2-8.06 5/1/08
Use of College Vehicles 6Hx2-7.07 A6Hx2-7.07
Energy Conservation Program 6Hx2-7.08 A6Hx2-7.08
Acquisition of Professional Services Covered by the Consultant's Competitive Negotiation Act 6Hx2-7.09 A6Hx2-7.09
Changes in Construction After Award of Contract 6Hx2-7.10 A6Hx2-7.10
Safety, Sanitation, and Fire Inspection of Property 6Hx2-7.11 A6Hx2-7.11
Construction of Facilities 6Hx2-7.12 Consolidated with 6Hx2-7.15 5/24/22

Traffic Rules and Regulations on Campus and Center Sites

Removal of Vehicles

6Hx2-7.13 A6Hx2-7.13
Regulation of Smoking in Facilities 6Hx2-7.14 Consolidated with 6Hx2-7.21 5/24/22
Compliance with the Florida Building Code 6Hx2-7.15
Minority/Women Business Enterprise Program 6Hx2-7.16 Repealed 5/28/13
Sustainable Landscape Policy and Use of Native Materials 6Hx2-7.17 A6Hx2-7.17
Sustainability in Building Construction 6Hx2-7.18
Recycling Policy 6Hx2-7.19
Access Control and Video Surveillance 6Hx2-7.20
Tobacco-Free and Smoke-Free Environment 6Hx2-7.21
Use of College Buildings, Facilities, and Services by Outside Agencies 6Hx2-7.22
Safety in Private Spaces Act 6Hx2-7.23

Section 8: Information Technology
Title Policy Procedure
College Network and Software Usage 6Hx2-8.01 A6Hx2-8.01a
Information Privacy Policy 6Hx2-8.02
College Communication via Email 6Hx2-8.03 A6Hx2-8.03a
Information Technology Resource Allocation Policy 6Hx2-8.04
College Copyright Policy 6Hx2-8.05 A6Hx2-8.05a
College Telecommunication Services 6Hx2-8.06 A6Hx2-8.06
Sustainability in Information Technology 6Hx2-8.07
Cybersecurity 6Hx2-8.08